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The Nightmare Before Dinner: The Beetle House Cookbook

The Nightmare Before Dinner: The Beetle House Cookbook

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Get your goth on with 60+ recipes from Beetle House restaurant, where guests indulge in a deadly delicious menu inspired by the works of Tim Burton and all things dark and curious.

If you delight in ghoulish frights and movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and The Evil Dead; then you’ll love the official cookbook of Beetle House, the Halloween-inspired restaurant with locations in New York and Los Angeles.

The Nightmare Before Dinner features more than 60 gothically delicious recipes from chef-owner Zach Neil, including sauces and dips for the recently deceased, eerie appetizers, sinister sides, soups and salads for the living, macabre mains, devilish desserts, deadly drinks, and creepy cocktails. Knock out your family, friends, and guests with:

  • Edward Burger Hands, inspired by Edward Scissorhands – a juicy burger with a Sriracha cream sauce, stuffed with smoked bacon, fried egg, pepper jack cheese, and avocado; with a pair of scissors shoved through it to keep it closed
  • Silence of the Lamb Chops, inspired by Silence of the Lambs – a tasty lamb dish with a buttery mushroom and apple sauce, made gory with splashes of raspberry glaze
  • Cheshire Mac and Cheese, inspired by Alice in Wonderland – a sweet-and-spicy take on one of America’s beloved comfort foods, served in a teacup
  • Beetle Pie, inspired by Beetlejuice – a brilliant-green homemade pistachio pudding with a crunchy chocolate crust that evokes the corpse-fed grass and rich soil of a graveyard, and seedy and sweet blackberry jam that mimics the texture of blood and bugs
  • The Fleet Street Martini, inspired by Sweeney Todd – a bright-red martini featuring Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey; pair with equally gory Love It Pot Pie

Plus, if you’re vegan or vegetarian,
The Nightmare Before Dinner has your spooky side covered too—it offers a vegan alternative or ingredient swap for each and every recipe in the book!

Throw your own goth-themed party! A bonus section provides inspiration for table settings, decorations, and foods to serve at your holiday or screening party.

This is the perfect cookbook for the Tim Burton movie buff, Halloween enthusiast, or goth in your life.

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